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Anonymous: How the piss u get this URL I'm jealous

I started this blog a couple of years ago and it was still available back then


fuckpopculture: I dont get people saying that, 'you are not a real fan if you write Lady GaGa', when actually GaGa herself addressed as Lady GaGa in the beginning of her career, like just check out her old videos, its "GaGa", I think her manager or the label made her stop, but its still "GaGa" ~sorry the bad english

Totally agree!

laronadelrey: If you're really a fan of Lady Gaga you'd know that it's not "GaGa."

Does it really matter tho?

littlemonstervctr: Have you got facebook profile?

Yes I do

kingkonabudwieser: We talked on fb the other day and I told that I was lonly farm boy. What is my name?

I have no idea what you’re talking about