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Anonymous: What's lady gaga's url?


imakeshitup: Gaga has her own tumblr (which she hasn't used in like 2 years but whatever) so idk why people are getting mad at you for taking this url.

I don’t get it either

step-up-shikari: I can't believe you broke into lady gagas house and stole her blog


louisgilchrist: This Lady Gaga account is the only reason why I have and still use tumblr :) Keep up the amazing work bitch!!! #amazing #fuckthehaters

Love this!!! Thank you😘😘

real-occult-media: The people claiming you "took her url" seem to not understand how the world works. (Quite sure she would have done something by now if she gave a Crap.) But she definitely knows who you are..or,rather.. your blog


Anonymous: give her her url back!

She never had this url tho

Anonymous: Actually, Lady Gaga's net worth is now $210 million, so each inch of her is worth roughly $3.4 million. 😊


TaraSavelo: #BOSS xoxo

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